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The Patton (Ethiopia Natural)

The Patton (Ethiopia Natural)

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As assertive as Old Blood and Guts, but not as overpowering. It’s as if mango, banana, vanilla, and dried apricot punched a pear and peach in the face with a hammer made of baker's chocolate. THAT, is The Patton. 12 oz. Light. Whole Bean.


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Customer Reviews

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The bag was open when received

When I received the package, I wondered what it was. When opened, I realized it was my coffee but the coffee bag was open and the beans spilled everywhere. I immediately sent a picture to customer service with a picture of the open bag with the beans spilled everywhere, hoping for a replacement or a refund. It has been over a week now since that email was sent, but no response. I gave this a shot because I love Josh Bridges stuff, but pretty disappointed with the process on this one.

Tim S

I love the Patton! Such a nice, bright flavor that really perks up my mornings. Perfect for any way you want to brew, but I like it best in a pour over.


I've been eager to try Good Dudes for some time now, but being in Canada it seems like a bit of a stretch for me to get coffee shipped here. Was recently deployed and was able to ship things to an APO address so it was time. very impressed. Awesome exceptional quality Ethiopian coffee at a reasonable price! Quickly became the weird coffee guy in my troop and loved every second/sip.

To the Good Dudes bring their coffee to the world: Keep it up!

Denise Cornelison
Excellent Coffee

The coffee is great!! All of them. It is the delivery that sucks, it took three weeks for me to receive my coffee order after I ordered and was charged $10 for priority mail. There was nothing priority about that delay!

Nicholas Iwaniuk

Patton would have been a good dude. Bold, rich coffee. Notes of bakers chocolate, cinammon…. Great brew.

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