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The Patton (Ethiopia Natural)

The Patton (Ethiopia Natural)

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As assertive as Old Blood and Guts, but not as overpowering. It’s as if mango, banana, vanilla, and dried apricot punched a pear and peach in the face with a hammer made of baker's chocolate. THAT, is The Patton. 12 oz. Light. Whole Bean.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joseph Smitherman
Damn good coffee from a damn good dude

I keep a bag of this coffee on hand at all times. Damn good coffee from a damn good dude!

Tyler Dowell
Great Coffee

I love this coffee. It’s got shuttle notes of cinnamon and chocolate. Really enjoy an Aeropress at a 1:15 ratio.

Chris Hooss
Patton with a bang!

I have been buying Good Dudes Coffee for years. Once The Patton dropped, I haven't looked back. I will not be going anywhere else for my coffee needs. Will be a long time purchaser of this coffee for years to come as long as its around. Thanks JB and GD Team for the amazing products.

Patton was definitely a good dude

For those looking for that modern coffee flavor, this is the one. Very fruit forward, which is unique from the other varieties. Probably my favorite Good Dudes coffee, and I've had them all

Austin Carter
5 stars is not enough!

The Patton is far and away my favorite coffee I have ever had and I’ve had a lot. Good Dudes freshness is off the charts as well. Overall amazing company!

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