Good Dudes Coffee Story

We didn’t officially sell a bag of coffee until 2019, but the idea for Good Dudes Coffee started in 2009 while Founder Josh Bridges was on patrol in Iraq. Caffeine was an absolute necessity and good coffee was hard to come by, but with each cup our love for coffee grew and so did our craving for the perfect cup.

The next decade was mostly a blur with Josh rising to success in the sport of CrossFit as a 6x athlete, 4x regionals champ, and 7x winner of the open workout. What we do know is that somewhere along the way, a bag of raw, unroasted beans and an air roaster arrived at our doorstep, and with them, our mission to bring you the best tasting cup of coffee to start your day with.

When you drink Good Dudes Coffee - our labor of love - you’re helping to write the history of our company.

Good Dudes and Dudettes, Good Coffee, Good Day Ahead.

Josh Bridges, Founder

Josh is a former Navy SEAL and 6x CrossFit Games athlete, he has a passion for being a great father and brewing a mean cup of Joe.