Good Dudes Coffee FAQ

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We ship all of our coffee whole bean - it’s the best way to ensure that it’s as fresh as possible and that you’re drinking the perfect cup of coffee.

We do! If you’re interested in starting a wholesale relationship with us, get in touch by emailing us at! to reach us directly - we’d be happy to help!

Our coffee is roasted every Monday and Thursday and shipped every Tuesday and Friday. We only ship fresh coffee!

You’ll have to order a bag and read the back label to find out… or just read Our Story.

We sure do! We donate to the Navy SEAL foundation.

To brew the best tasting cup of Good Dudes Coffee, check out the brewing guide written by Josh Bridges!

They take about 3 business days to ship as those bags are roasted to order!

Snapchilled coffee is on a bit of different schedule as it ships from a separate warehouse between Monday and Wednesday so that it’s kept as stable as possible from production right to your doorstep!