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Brewing Your Good Dudes Coffee!

Here are a few of the ways that we at Good Dudes Coffee prefer to brew our morning cup. These are baseline recommendations and you can always adjust if you want a stronger or lighter coffee!


• Grind 45g of Coffee for every 720g of Water.

• Wet the filter with warm water, empty out the Chemex, add grounds. 

• Start a timer, soak grounds entirely until you have reached 150g of water. 

When timer reaches 1:30, add water clockwise until 450g of total water.

• When timer reaches 2:30, add water until 720g of total water. 

Recommended Products for Chemex Brewing

Coffee Grinder (Burr)

Goose Neck Kettle


Chemex Filters


• Grind 35g of coffee for every 250g-270g of Water. 

• Start a timer, pour 150g of water for 15 seconds. 

• Stir until 35 seconds on the timer. 

• Put the lid on, wait until the timer hits 60 seconds

• Invert AeroPress, give it a swirl, plunge.

• Add 100g to 120g of water to taste.

Recommended Products for AeroPress Brewing


• 18g of The Sampson to 36g of Water.

Recommended Products for Espresso Brewing


Pour Over Method

• Grind 22g of coffee for every 312g of water.

• Start a timer, soak grounds with 50g of water.

• Let grounds bloom for 30 seconds. 

• Continue adding water in 50g increments in a clockwise fashion until you reach 312g of total water.

Recommended Products for Pour Over Brewing

Coffee Dripper

V60 Filters

Traditional Coffee Maker

Preferably you should throw out the coffee maker, and purchase one of the above methods, but, if this isn't possible...

• 17g of water for every 1g of coffee.

Recommended Products for Traditional Brewing

Coffee Maker



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