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The Good Dudes 6-Pack (Free Shipping + Discount)

The Good Dudes 6-Pack (Free Shipping + Discount)

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Can’t decide which roast you want?! Well now you can get all SIX in our new bundle. Discount + Free Shipping!!!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Zachary Imboden
The Good Dudes 6-Pack

Love the variety, we order every month or so and love the coffee. Will keep ordering to keep up the variety. Wish there was a subscription option.

Caleb Tufts
Nothing to review

Haven’t received my order

Jake Bennett

I tried this sample pack just to support Josh Bridges and thought it was great! Being newer to coffee after it ran out I tried different coffees from various retailers and nothing even comes close! This is the best coffee I’ve ever had! I enjoy ALL of them and can now for sure tell you THIS IS THE BEST COFFEE! Any bag you choose will be awesome! I get the 6 pack to have all of them! Thank you Good Dudes Team! You guys and your coffee are raising the bar!!! God Bless America!

Good coffee bad shipping

I decided to try Good Dudes coffee because the current coffee I order, from another veteran affiliated coffee brand, uses a bad shipping alternative (the government owned one) and I’m usually lucky if the coffee shows up at all. I decided to try Good dudes only to find they use the same shipping. My box of coffee was delayed (shipping stalled somewhere in route) and when it finally showed up the box had been damaged, was covered in tape that read “Received Damaged” and the box sounded like a maraca. One of the bags of coffee had been damaged inside the box. So, good coffee bad shipping.

Christine Durant

Still have not received my order and it has been over 2 weeks. Reached out to Goods Dudes and they said they were checking into it. That was over 4 days ago and have heard nothing. Still do not have my order and they do not seem to care.
Will never order from them again.

Find the Best Brew Technique

Find the best way to brew your Good Dudes with our brew guide. Your time is valuable but so is finding the best way to brew.

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