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The Washington (Guatemala Antigua)

The Washington (Guatemala Antigua)

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"Decision making, like Good Dudes Coffee, needs a cooling process."               - Probably The Washington

Clean, bright, and complex, much like our beloved GW. With a whole body and some perceived light smokiness, this roast has deep flavor and sweetness, common to the Bourbon variety. As with other high grown coffee, there is piquant acidity and Antigua's notable zesty character. 12 oz. Medium. 

Whole Bean.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeremy R.
My go-to morning routine

I am a HUGE fan of the Washington. Not too light, not too bold but a perfect blend for a morning routine. I have been drinking this blend for about a year now and have no intentions of changing.

Aaron Coffman
Amazing Coffee

I have been drinking this blend for about 6 months now and it is great. Every morning I grind up some beans and get the day started right. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Steven Sundborg
It is a lighter bean but flavorful.

Lighter than I thought I liked but it has been my favorite coffee of all since it came out. I try many brands and roasts but it has not been knocked off my pedestal yet. Thank you Good Dudes for bringing it to me.

Great for Coffee Lover

I got the Washington for my husband who loves coffee. This was a winner. I wish I had more words to describe it but since I don’t drink coffee myself, I can just say that the bag was gone quickly!

Quinten Stamper
So in the beginning most of them were drinking tea.

What do you do when all the tea is in the harbor….you drink good dudes coffee. That’s why I start my day the way our first president started this great country, with victory. A cup of this and you know what freedom taste like.

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