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The Roosevelt (Ethiopia Yirgacheffe)

The Roosevelt (Ethiopia Yirgacheffe)

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"Speak softly and drink Good Dudes Coffee." -Probably The Roosevelt 

A floral cup with notes of grapefruit, lemongrass, and honey. Unusual spice flavors such as ground nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon, tie this cup together in a delightful way. A delicate white wine acidity, characteristic of Ethiopia washed coffees, ends each sip with a genuine crisp finish, much like our 32nd President. 12 oz. Medium-Light. Whole Bean.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Larry Blair
Love Good Dudes coffee

This is a great tasting coffee with a nice balance of different flavors to it.

Enrik Melgoza
Shipping time was terrible.

Coffee is great and hat fits awesome !! My only complaint is that it took two weeks to arrive after placing the order.

James Stubbs
Best coffee

Great coffee. Seriously. I’ve been drinking the Patton for years now and started throwing The Washington in the mix here recently. I haven’t found coffee as good or as fresh as this is! Job well done!

Unreal coffee.

I've been eager to try Good Dudes for some time now, but being in Canada it seems like a bit of a stretch for me to get coffee shipped here. Was recently deployed and was able to ship things to an APO address so it was time. very impressed. Awesome exceptional quality Ethiopian coffee at a reasonable price! Quickly became the weird coffee guy in my troop and loved every second/sip.

To the Good Dudes bring their coffee to the world: Keep it up!

Brian Evans

Being a fan of JB and a coffee lover, I finally decided to try Good Dudes Coffee. This was an excellent Yirgacheffe. Floral, bright, and enjoyable. Cup continues to get better as it cools. Combine this with some banana and honey and you have the best pre-workout on the planet!

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