The Snap Chilled Dudes (12-Pack) *USA Only* - Good Dudes Coffee Inc
The Snap Chilled Dudes (12-Pack) *USA Only*

The Snap Chilled Dudes (12-Pack) *USA Only*

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Cold Brew from a can that is stale and tastes like aluminum is great right? WRONG. 

This Snapchill™ Coffee is a GAME CHANGER. It is brewed hot and brought down in temperature within seconds, utilizing Elemental Beverage Company’s Snapchill™ Technology.

We can now present our coffees cold—without dilution, oxidation, or additives. 

Don't think canned coffee tasting good is possible? Neither did we. Now we have Josh, Rich, and Dan, Stone Cold Steve Austin-ing cans at an alarming rate. You should do the same. 


Please Note:

Snapchilled Coffee ships from a SEPARATE warehouse, and not from Good Dudes Coffee. It ALSO only ships between Monday's and Wednesday's to keep coffee cold from start to finish!


**If you wish to order more than five 12-Packs, please email**

**This coffee has no additives, and is brewed black. It has roughly 5 calories, so it will not break a fast. Feel free to add whatever you desire, but we recommend trying it black first!**

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