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The One Finger Salute

The One Finger Salute

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We’re bringing some attitude with this one. A lot like Danielle this Blend is light with some spice and hint of maple syrup.

A blend of Costa Rica full city and Sumatra French Roast, this sophisticated coffee combines Costa Rica's elegance and balance with Sumatra's earthy body. This is a bright blend with caramel background notes. Ideally suited as an after dinner brew.

Portion of all Proceeds go to Danielle’s Charity of choice: Rancho Crossfit Non- Profit

“Fitness has helped shape who I am ever since I was training and playing sports in high school. That’s why I’ve chosen Rancho CrossFit, a non profit CrossFit gym in a local Nevada high school to receive a portion of all proceeds to help teens get fit and stay healthy.” -DB


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